Three Cats

Your stay at the Parker House will include interacting with three Parker House cats, Dum-dum, Shadow, and Chibi. Although the cats are not allowed into your bedroom or bathroom, your "living room" is open and so they can sometimes wander into there. So if you are allergic to cats, you may want to make sure that you have some medicine to help with your allergies. See more about the cats here.

dum dumDum-Dum
Dum-Dum was Mom's cat and came into the Parker House when Mom moved in with us. Mom passed away some years ago and the cat remains. She is the purebred, being of the Russian Blue breed. She acts like it and eats like it and would rather starve herself to death than eat regular cat food. However, she is extremely flexible in attitude and will consent to letting you pet here if you properly address her first.

Shadow, sometimes known as Blacky, came with the house. He was lying on the front door mat completely dehydrated, skinny, and almost dead when we moved in. He is now the fattest cat in the house. Somewhat shy, he can be difficult to get acquainted with. Besides being the largest cat of the three, he is also the biggest "scaredy cat" and jumps at the slightest sound.

Chibi joined the family while I was walking in the neighborhood one day. The runt of the lot and although an adult cat, she looks and acts like a kitten. Her fur is a delight to pet and although she is friendly and inquisitive, she is very choosy about who she allows to pick her up. So if you are up to challenges, having her get to sleep in you lap may be a goal to keep in mind.